McLean Hamlet Community Association


If you are considering a change or addition to the exterior of your home, NOT including a change in the color of your paint or trim or replacing your windows, your plans MUST be approved by the ACC, and possibly by the County.

Click here for the Architectural Change Request Form
Click here to go to the Fairfax County website to check PERMIT status.

The ACC also addresses conditions involving safety. Occasionally we find dangerously low-hanging foliage or tree limbs over a public sidewalk that could cause walkers or joggers to detour into the street. The same is true of overgrown bushes or hedges that invade a public sidewalk.

To maximize the attractiveness of our beautiful community, we ask that you take a close look at your property. Compare it with the other Hamlet homes and see if it measures up in neatness and overall appearance. Please use the following in the evaluation of your property:

Is any paint peeling or badly faded, or is a paint job incomplete?
Is the lawn mowed and edged regularly, and are trees and landscape shrubs neatly pruned?
For public sidewalks, is there at least 8 feet of vertical clearance beneath overhead tree limbs or foliage (especially when wet), and are hedges or shrubs pruned so that walkers are unimpeded?
Is there grass/weeds growing over the curb, in sidewalk seams or in the street gutters?
Is the mailbox in good condition? Does it need paint, and is the post sturdy?
Is my fence in good repair?
Is my house address displayed prominently so it is readily visible from the street? This is an important safety item that will help emergency response personnel locate your home.
Are trashcans stored so they aren’t visible from the street or from a neighbor’s home?
Are trashcans/recycling bins left at the curb longer than overnight? Are empty containers promptly returned to their storage place?

See the Bylaws and Covenants pages to review McLean Hamlet's Bylaws, Constitution and the Covenants.

Incidentally, one of the important covenant requirements is found in paragraph 2 of the Covenants for Sections 1, 2 & 3 (these covenants are applicable to most Hamlet homes).

"No building shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot until the construction plans and specifications and a plan showing the location of the structure have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee."

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